Hi! My name is Wella. You may have seen me before. I was created out of beautiful, colorful fabric by the girls rescued from slavery in India. Their hands put me together so that I could meet all of you! My purpose is to help Set Free bring clean water and the love of Jesus to villages in India. Will you help me?



Who Made Me

I was created by young women, like Shakti, rescued from slavery in India. They were rescued by Set Free’s team of partner pastors. These rescued children have been redeemed in the name of Jesus – given a second chance at life. Creating me helps them learn the very valuable skill of tailoring. Many grow up to make a career out of tailoring, and I’m the first step!

The number of young women who have grew up in our child redemption program and are now employed by tailoring companies in India
The approximate number of elephants that have been made by the rescued children in India


What I Do

After people just like you purchase me, all of my proceeds go towards sharing Jesus and providing clean water in Indian villages. This gift changes the lives of hundreds of people. Children no longer walk 3+ miles each day in search of water for their families - they can return to school! Mothers can rest assured their loved ones will not fall ill because of dirty water. Fathers won't miss work anymore because of water related illnesses.

You can read more about the dirty water problem in India and how I help give fresh water.

The number of villages that have received clean water and experienced the love of Christ for themselves all because of these little elephants
Lives Saved
Estimated number of children within these villages who will now reach their 5th birthday because they won't fall ill to water-related diseases


Where to Purchase Me

If you'd like to provide job training for rescued girls AND clean water for an entire village, bring me home! There are two ways you can do this.

First, you can buy a #CrowdsourcingKids box with me and 11 of my friends. You will then be able to sell us to your friends and family. When all 12 of us in the box are sold, the proceeds from your sales will be combined with 49 other #CrowdsourcingKids boxes to fund a well in India! You can read more about this program.

Or, you can also buy individual versions of me to keep for yourself, give as gifts, or both!

To buy your #CrowdsourcingKids box or individual Wellas - click here.

I can't wait to meet you!

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