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Ministries, like buildings, need a strong foundation. When laying the foundation, builders begin with the cornerstone and set all other stones in reference to it. When properly situated, the cornerstone provides stability and support for the entire structure. Our monthly supporters provide this foundational structure for our ministry and our partners.


Why Monthly Giving Matters

Set Free is entirely dependent on the generosity of donors, churches, and businesses to fund our work overseas, and our incredible partners are on the front lines living out their callings and counting on us to provide their funds. With consistent, reliable gifts coming in through the Cornerstone members, our partners are able to know their regular work will be taken care of and allow them to dream about what else God wants to accomplish through them.

Partner Through Giving

Creating a Foundation of HopeConsistent & Reliable Funds

“I was so happy and thanked God the first month when I received the set amount that Set Free promised to me. I had doubts that the amount would change but the next month we received the same amount and started planning. I had no more anxiety and no more fear. Now we know what is being sent every month and have planned in advance what we will do with it.”

~ Set Fee's Indian Pastor Partner


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