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By partnering with Set Free, your business can help save thousands of lives of people around the world.

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Business Giving Partners aren’t donors — they’re investors who give generously but regularly see the tangible ROI and impact of their investment. Far beyond numbers, these partners are our backbone in sharing God’s message of love to the unreached and untouchable people of the world to empower entire generations with Hope, Dignity, and Love.


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Through Set Free’s Business Giving Program, your organization has the opportunity to take ownership of specific projects that build lasting change for real families by partnering with us to rescue children, provide clean water, and/or host medical clinics in the most remote villages of the world.


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Give regularly to Set Free directly from profits or through a paycheck deduction program.


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Rescued Children

Total $8,160

Rescuing Children from Slavery

Despite the fact that slavery is illegal in India, it does not operate in the shadows. Our partner network of over 8,000 pastors are regularly tipped off to the locations where children are being held in slavery. Some of these locations include quarries, brick factories, brothels, medical testing facilities, and even child sacrifice situations.

When they come into our care, rescued children are just beginning to recover and find freedom. Most are malnourished, sexually abused, and scared, so we start by meeting their immediate needs like food and medical attention. Indian pastors counsel the children and help them cope and heal from the trauma they’ve been through. Some of the children are housed in our main campus while others are housed in village churches where partner pastors, counselors, and volunteers live amongst them, dedicating their lives to the healing and growth of these children. $8,160 will fully support 10 children for an entire year.

Support the Rescued Children
Drill a Well

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Drill a Well

Total $5,000

Clean Water Changes Everything

Water isn’t just a part of life. For the people Set Free serves, water is life. Without access to reliable, clean water – human beings simply can’t survive. So, we’re on a mission to bring fresh water to every man, woman, and child. But our work doesn’t stop there. We go far beyond the water well to reach the village as a whole through improved education, job opportunities, improved health, and equality.

Our wells are built to last. Our wells are drilled deep into the aquifer, sometimes drilling through deep rock, to ensure clean water will continue to flow through both rainy and dry seasons for decades to come. $5,000 will fund all the costs associated with drilling a new well including the drill crew, all materials, and maintenance. This well will serve 500-1,500 depending on the size of the village.

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