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Sharing God’s Love. Making Disciples for Christ.

In everything we do, Set Free exists first and foremost to bring God’s love to people through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s why, despite how much investment we’ve made in drill rigs and housing for rescued children, we’ve made an even bigger investment into our network of pastors across the regions we touch. They are the real heroes, doing the work that matters, and making the impact that lasts long after we’re gone. The work of making disciples looks different in every village we reach, but in general the process remains similar.

The process looks like this:

Beginning the work

Meeting the Physical Needs

The work begins when a need is communicated to our network of pastors.

  • Whether it’s kids ready to be reunited with their family, a lack of clean water, or a need for medical care – our pastor partners prioritize the village on the schedule and make appropriate plans to meet the need.
  • A team arrives in the village to reunite children with their families, drill a new water well, or conduct a medical clinic. Regardless of what need is being met, a group of pastors is there to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and to begin Bible studies. Typically, The Jesus Film is also shown.

Continuing the work

Meeting the Spiritual Needs

Once the humanitarian work of meeting their physical needs has finished, the long-term work of making disciples continues.

  • Pastor partners offer a continuous presence in this village by going door-to-door to share the Gospel with all who have yet to hear. They also continue Bible studies and over time transition to weekly worship services.
  • Typically, a natural leader emerges from the newly planted church. This person is then trained, equipped, and mentored by the existing pastor who has been serving the village. Through our train-a-trainer pastor training method, pastors are able to train others how to read, interpret, and prepare Biblically founded sermons for themselves. And once a pastor has gone through this training program, they are not only able lead their congregation with confidence, but they are also able to train the next pastor God will call into ministry from a neighboring village.
  • This empowers our ultimate-goal to not simply plant churches and make disciples but to plant multiplying churches. We know that a church is successful when that newly planted church shares and spreads into a neighboring village so that disciples create new disciples and the love of Jesus doesn’t just spread – it multiplies.

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