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A Set Free Vision Trip

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May 2, 2024

From the Eyes of Pastor Michael Bayne of Greenville Community Church

We want to bring you a first-hand account of  a vision trip with Set Free and how it can be transformative for a pastor. But don’t take it from us, take it from Pastor Michael Bayne of one of our church partners, Greenville Community Church located in Greenville, SC.

What is a Set Free Vision Trip?

A vision trip with Set Free is the opportunity to see the work our partners are doing with your own eyes. As a ministry that deeply values empowering indigenous people to be the change in their own communities, a vision trip offers firsthand experience of the work being done, the people behind it, and most importantly, how God is moving.

What Can You Expect on a Set Free Vision Trip?

Typically, a vision trip with Set Free lasts 9 or 10 days, including travel days. You’ll be accompanied by our partners and a Set Free staff member who will guide you, answer questions, and help you understand the context of our work.

Expect to become fully immersed in the culture of those we serve in remote villages.

What Happens on a Set Free Vision Trip?

  • Visit villages where lives have been transformed by faith in Jesus. Experience the villagers’ warm welcome, their music, and their joy.
  • Witness the drilling of wells that bring life-changing clean water to communities, and feel the excitement that exudes from the villagers.
  • Experience the vibrant, Spirit-filled worship of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Meet children who were once enslaved but are now free in Jesus at our central campus. See their smiles, their resilience, and understand both the tragedy they’ve overcome and the hope they now have.

Why Should You Consider a Vision Trip?

If your church supports Set Free or you’re considering a partnership, a vision trip offers invaluable insight into our mission. See the impact of your work firsthand.

Read Pastor Michael Bayne’s testimonial about his vision trip and how it transformed both him and his church’s relationship with Set Free.

Q&A With Pastor Michael Bayne of Greenville Community Church

  1. In what ways did going on a vision trip deepen your understanding of Set Free’s ministry?

There is something special about relationally connecting the partnership when it comes to Set Free. When you see the lives being impacted by clean water, church planting, and child rescue in action, the focus of the partnership becomes clear. Trust was built that helps motivate us to do more and give more. 

  1. How do you see your experiences on the vision trip impacting Greenville Community Church’s partnership with Set Free?

We long for people to see the outflow of their generosity. We can share the updates and the work with more clarity now and cast a bigger vision to help people to get involved on different levels. 

  1. How have you been personally and spiritually impacted by this vision trip?

I was so encouraged to see the work of our church planters working with Set Free. The focused work they are doing to build up local church leaders and empower people for gospel ministry is incredible. I personally want to empower more leaders and release them to do ministry in our context. We also want our church to live with this mindset of multiplication as we serve our neighborhood and look to plant other churches. 

  1. How can a pastor justify the cost of this vision trip to their church?

If a church invests in a ministry like Set Free, they need to get boots on the ground to see the work happening. There is a level of partnership that can only happen when leadership from both Set Free and the local church have walked the same streets, and both see the global need. I know senior leaders are busy and pulled in many directions, but giving ten days to explore the work of your ministry partners helps build a bridge of trust and focus that will bring clarity to our combined mission. 

  1. What would be your message to another pastor who is thinking about going on a vision trip with Set Free?

Are you considering going on a vision trip with Set Free? It’s simple…you need to go. The work happening on the ground is hard to believe until you see it in action. Book the trip and make it a priority. 

Interested in learning more about vision trips? Be sure to reach out to our Church Partnership Coordinator, Andrew at to receive more information.

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