Evangelism in India Update

Pastor Praveen, Set Free’s pastor partner, has been busy sharing the Gospel of Christ. He’s working hard to encourage the Christians in India as well as making new disciples of Jesus. Whenever Set Free asks Praveen how we can support his ministry, the answer is always the same.

“Provide more water wells.”

Every well we drill opens up an entire village to be reached with the love of Jesus. On average, each village is a couple thousand people! But since we’re “only” drilling 12 wells per month right now and heavily concentrated in the Andhra Pradesh region of India, there is a lot of other ground to cover in this vast country of 1.3 billion.  Pastor Praveen and his network of pastors are going into the deeper, darker places of this country, finding new villages, and sharing the Gospel. Evangelism is Praveen’s God given gift. It’s his way of spreading Light in this violent, Hindu country.

New Christians in India

Praveen has had great success converting the leadership of these villages to Christianity. This, in turn “helps the bad guys go away.” What does that mean? Well, Praveen is winning [God-given] favor with the local police. They are now the first to call him when they find abandoned children in need. He’s also gaining favor with the local government. This is huge because they are now more likely to step in and prevent the abuse and persecution of Christians. All of this because Praveen is providing fresh water wells for these desperate communities.

Once Pastor Praveen has visited and shared the Gospel, an Indian pastor from the Sylom Pastors League is assigned to a community. We are not simply about saying a prayer and checking a box. We are about making true disciples of Jesus Christ. This means we are in it for the long haul. The pastor moves to the village in order to disciple true converts, grow the church body, and lead their congregation through to the daily decision to follow Christ.

Christians in India

The Greatest Need

The greatest need in India is still the same. We need more resources to reach more people with clean water and the Gospel. There are tremendous results. An unbelievable amount of new people are coming to know Christ each and every day. All of this happens because people gave. Donors, just like you, make an investment so Pastor Praveen can continue his life mission of changing India’s heart into a nation that worships and serves Jesus Christ alone.

There’s a place you can give with confidence that your money is being put to good use. Pastor Praveen is a man without a home or a salary. He’s fully devoted to God’s direct calling on his life to risk his life and face persecution daily to reach his country for the Gospel. This is a man that God has placed as leader over 5,000 eager (also unpaid) men ready to fill their nation with Christ’s love and eternal truth. Donations to Set Free are gas money for the van (affectionately named “The Gospel on Wheels”), bicycles for the pastors, cell phones, security, and of course, abundantly-flowing, disease-free water for the least of these.

By giving to Set Free, India is being transformed. Eternally. One village at a time.

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