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We are 10% of the way to our 2023 Christmas Fundraising Goal


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Persecution of Indian Christians

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Aug 21, 2020

The Persecution of Indian Christians

The persecution of Christians in India is nothing new – but since a the ruling party came into command in 2014, the rate is growing at an alarming speed. The 2020 World Watch List, ranks India as the 10th most dangerous place for Christians in the world.

This party works alongside a paramilitary group made up of nearly 5 million men and boys. Their goal is to redefine India according to its majority Hindu faith. This paramilitary group has been given the freedom to discourage, many times violently, the practice of Christianity. The government has set a goal to make India a 100% Hindu country by the end of 2020.

With this goal at the center of the government’s agenda as we near the end of 2020, there has been a reported 40% increase in religious hate crimes including murder, rape, and arson. The push for a completely Hindu country also is not limited to just the government’s rule. According to the charity, Voice of the Martyrs, there have been many reports of citizens filing reports of religiously charged assault to the local police. The police are responding to these complaints by offering Christians an ultimatum: to either convert to Hinduism or leave their village.

In fact, when you go public with your Christian faith, Hindu culture shuns you. You no longer belong to the caste you were born into – now you are an Untouchable. An outcast. Lesser than human. Becoming a Christian in India is a bigger sacrifice than many of us can imagine.

At Set Free, we work with a team of more than 8,000 pastors that have openly professed their faith in God. They live a life in faith that can only be compared to the trials we read about in the Bible. Their lives are on the line every single day as they spread the gospel with villagers as they work to provide humanitarian needs like clean water, and homes for children rescued from slavery.

As a Christian in America, I for one can learn a lot from their incredible faith.

So what can you and I do to stand with our brothers and sister in Christ?

1. Pray

Join us in fervent prayer for those that face persecution for their beliefs every day. Pray that God’s protection will be around them at all times.

2. Be Educated

Stay up to date with the current persecution happening in India. There are many good resources out there to help you understand religious persecution, how it’s happening, and how dangerous it is for Christians in different countries. Open Doors is a great source to read up on the statistics of persecution in India.

3. Consider Giving

Prayerfully consider giving financially to support the work Set Free is doing that this network of more than 8,000 pastors has dedicated their lives to. When you support the ministry, you’re supporting them and the work they are doing to spread the gospel to the unreached corners of the world.


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