There are more people enslaved in India than any other place in the world.

The Culture

India is largely defined by a Hindu caste system that results in discrimination. It consists of the haves, the have nots, and the untouchables. Wallowing at the bottom of this system of degradation are the “untouchables”. They are treated as outcasts, considered impure, and receive little or no government support. No schools. No hope.


In a country of well over a billion, the estimated untouchable population in India ranges between 160 to 300 million people. They are preyed upon and manipulated into slavery.


India’s ancient culture, strict religious system, and economy are built directly on top of it’s caste system, meaning that untouchables have little hope of ever escaping from its weight.

The Children

Kidnapped, orphaned, abandoned and sons and daughters of prostitution, the children that Set Free Alliance rescues are saved from slavery in rock quarries, sex trafficking, and forced begging. They go from hopeless and untouchable to remarkable.

How do We End Child Slavery in India?

Our team members in India rescue, rehabilitate, educate, and mentor thousands of children who have been enslaved. We feed them, teach them sustainability, and provide age appropriate vocational training so that they can maintain an income ten times larger than untouchables.

Every dollar invested can provide a child with a meal a day