We Need To Raise $500,000 In The Next 50 Days

That wasn’t a typo, and we need your help.
Because of your incredible support, we now have more than 5,600 children in our care who have been set free from the bonds of slavery, and since last August, we have reunited over 2,000 children with their families. This incredible success has brought some challenges. In the next 50 days, we must raise funding to obtain our campus occupancy permit so the first wave of children can move in.


With the campus essentially completed, the first 1,000 children were scheduled to move in until suddenly, the State Government enforced an unplanned mandate that required us to change our building plans.  We were ordered to build an on-site Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trusting that God would deliver, we began building the STP. We are now well into the process, but construction has stopped because we are lacking the funding to complete it.

The children cannot move into the campus until the STP is complete, meaning there’s a multi-million dollar facility sitting empty right now. This added project is the last piece before the governmental occupancy permit is authorized, and the sooner we can get the children in, the better.


  • The first wave of children will move in.
  • Our monthly costs will go down, as four leased buildings will no longer be under lease. With the money we save from the leased buildings, we will be able to provide more food and physical provisions for the children.
  • The children will have more opportunities for quality education and vocational training.
  • The environment will encourage more discipleship, consistent care, and take another step toward regaining their childhood.
  • The children will be safer and more secure than ever.

There is great need right now. We know that God can perform a miracle in this situation, and we are asking you to be His vessels for it.


  • If you have pledged to give this year, you can give it now or even increase it.  
  • If you’ve already given for the year, consider going above and beyond. 
  • Introduce our organization and mission to people you think can help.

Above all else, we ask you to join us in prayer for this miracle. We are living in expectation of seeing God’s provision for His children, and we thank you for joining us in that.

To give to our current greatest need, CLICK HERE


David Moorhead | President
david@setfreealliance.org     (214) 493-0286

Dan O’Neal | Senior Director of Philanthropy
dan@setfreealliance.org      (864) 706-3825

Thank you for your ongoing support and your partnership in facing this urgent matter. If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact David or Dan.

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