We May Not Know When, But We Know Who

In many ways, 2016 was Set Free Alliance’s biggest year yet, and it was all because of YOU.

Because of you, Set Free Alliance was able to give hope, spread joy, and show the love of Jesus to the once enslaved children of India.

This past year, some incredible things happened for us in America and in India.

IMG_6467We grew from a team of 2 people working in a home, to a staff of 6 working out of an office and sent $3.7 million to India.


We continued caring for over 1,700 rescued children, and we watched your donations make it possible for over 6,000 new children to be rescued from slavery. We were also able to reunite over 1,300 children with their families.

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We graduated 25 students out of our Trade Not Aid program and celebrated as all of them were guaranteed jobs.   

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We hosted our Second Annual Keys to Freedom Gala for nearly 1,000 people and raised over $520,000 for the children in India.


Our partners in India, led by Praveen Chakravarthy and the Sylom Pastor’s League, were audited by the government and cleared for five more years of work. This is one of the top nonprofit ratings in the country.

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We saw a massive amount of construction completed on the Set Free Alliance Campus in India and now we’re looking forward to seeing the last 10% of work completed in 2017.

When children are rescued from slavery in India, it’s even more than just giving them freedom.  Their rescue is a physical representation of Jesus and the love that he has for his children.  Your support last year not only gave hope and freedom to the children, but also introduced the gospel to kids who had never heard it before.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to see what the New Year has in store.  There are plenty of obstacles in our way, but we serve a God much greater than any obstacle we could ever encounter.

So, with every difficulty this year, we will choose to rejoice.  Because we may not know what will come of it, but we do know that He works all things for good.

While we struggle to feed 4,527 newly rescued children who we had no time to prepare for, we will rejoice because He will feed them.

While we care for the 345 children in India who are HIV positive, we will rejoice because he knows exactly what they need and his desire is always to heal.

While the 128 babies are delivered from girls who are pregnant right now as a result of the sexual abuse they endured while they were enslaved, we will rejoice because He can mend the mothers hearts and bring those babies up to be future leaders of India.

While we may not know how or when, we know who.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Thank you for being a vessel for him to work through to care for these kids.

You are changing the world!


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  • Stephanie McChesney
    Posted January 20, 2017 2:36 pm 0Likes

    Praise God for Set Free Alliance! Outstanding things happening here and each year God amazes us even more! Prayers up for a even better year than last year and to the future! Love and God bless!

    The McChesney Family!
    Skin by Stephanie

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