Uncensored – It’s A Goal of Sustainability

Did you know that less than 25% of our 6,500 children live at the campus?  

We realized a few weeks ago that that little fact is something we haven’t mentioned a lot, and it helps to show you where we are right now.

The campus was a dream that Praveen had years ago.  It was a dream to create a place where all of the children that were in his care could live and grow up together. It was going to be a place where every child had access to equal opportunities and lots of love and attention.  

At that time, we only had about 1,500 children in our care.  All of them would fit at the campus and there would be room to grow!

And then through God making a way through an incredible series of events, Praveen and his pastors were able to rescue over 6,400 children in 20 days. 

We were able to reunite many of them with their families, but we ended up with 6,500 sweet children in our care who couldn’t all fit at the campus that was almost complete.  

God provided homes for all of them.

We now have about 1,500 children living at the campus, and then 5,000 living with pastors in churches and leased facilities across India.  Take a look…


Having the children spread across different states in India is one of our greatest challenges.  It makes it difficult for us to provide sustainable opportunities like growing food and maintaining equal care. 

It’s a big challenge, and Praveen manages it all.

Because of all of his responsibilities, Praveen sleeps a mere three hours a night.  He spends the rest of his time caring for the children and ensuring that no matter where they are they are loved and cared for.

Sustainability is our goal.  

At the campus, sustainability is possible.  We have a little bit of land, and we have a lot of children in one place.  But not all of the children live at the campus, in fact less than 25% do. The children who we care for all across India have needs too, and sustainability isn’t possible for them as a whole right now.  

We can’t grow food at leased facilities and churches because land is so expensive and one rice patty (1 acre) yields only enough food for 40 children a year. We can’t buy in bulk for all the children at once because they live in so many different places and transporting it all is impossible.  We can’t bring them all together to move towards sustainability because it’s against the law to transport a child rescued in one state into another state.  

We dream of a day where every child lives at a campus.  A day where every child has the same opportunities for a safe place to live, a basic education, and vocational training. You are a part of building the foundation to rescue future generations rescuing future generations of children.  One day we will get there, but we aren’t there yet.

Set Free Alliance is sending more funding to India than ever before…

 But the need is greater than ever before

and we thank god that he’s brought you to help.

We still have more that we want to do for the children.  We still have more that we want to give them.

We have the luxury of being in America and watching from afar.  We have the ease of hearing the stories of rescue and redemption without having to see the struggle and the great need in India. We’re not trying to make you feel bad or guilty.  Without you, we couldn’t do what we do.

But just take a moment and imagine being Praveen and seeing children come out of the darkest places.  Just imagine having to tell beautiful rescued children that they are only going to get one meal today because there are so many children to feed that the funding that used to fill them up doesn’t do it anymore.

We are growing so fast, and the need is SO great.  We’re not being a broken record. We’re not lacking strategy or planning.  

We’re working to end an issue that involves liberating over 18 million people from generations of slavery and digging up the roots of the an ancient tradition in India that has perpetuated the problem.  

We’re not just rescuing kids.  We’re not just feeding them. We’re working to build an infrastructure so that 100 years from now this process is still in place and being supported by the rescued kids.  

That’s what we’re working toward.  We know we may not see a day when India is set free from slavery, but maybe our children will.  

It’s our legacy and it’s your legacy.  


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