Uncensored – Don’t Just Like This

Well here we are.  

We’ve shared four weeks of our Uncensored blog series and now it’s time to bring things to a close.  We hope that what we’ve shared has helped you to understand what we do a little more, and we hope that it’s impacted you on a deep level.  It’s easy to scroll through social media and see so much information.  We see posts from all over the world. We see new places, new experiences, and new views on society.

 What we don’t often see is people taking action.

It’s not that no one acts.  Some do. We could even say that many do.  But the majority watches. The majority “likes”.  The majority gives advice.

Now it’s not a bad thing to be informed, to interact, or to suggest ideas.  In fact we particularly love those things! It shows us that you’re there and you are listening.  The problem is when we as a people get so comfortable with watching from the sidelines that we do nothing to act.  

Making a difference is important.  Not just for the people who need help, but for the people who do the helping.  We all need to feel valuable. We need to feel like we are contributing, helping others, and changing lives – even on a small scale.

And you know what’s so cool about that?  

Anyone can do it.  

You don’t have to be rich to help people.

We believe that God created you to thrive and to help others thrive as well.  He made you to have passions and to be unique. He made you to live a life that is powerful and impactful.  He didn’t create you to simply create awareness. He didn’t create you to simply “like” things on social media.  He created you to DO.

Do what?

We don’t know.  It’s going to be different for everyone, and we hope that reading this might prompt you to talk with God more about what it is that you can do.  

If you read these blogs, and didn’t feel an internal nudge to do something – that. is. okay.  But don’t stop there – keep looking for the things that you DO feel a nudge from The Holy Spirit about.  

If you read these blogs, and you did feel something pushing you to act, please do it. Whatever it is that comes to mind –

giving right away

having a yard sale,

hosting a bake sale

running a marathon,

sharing Set Free Alliance with 3 friends

giving up one meal out a month….

It doesn’t take much to make a difference.  It just takes a spark, a start, a “more than a like.”  One of the biggest blessings we have is hearing stories from here who will probably never go to India and hold the children talk about how supporting this mission has changed them.  Families who read the Raja book with their children every night, businesses that were started to support what we do…

It takes you.  

Know that regardless of your response, we love you, God loves you, and the children love you.  We’re thankful that you’ve been on this journey with us these past few weeks, and we’re thankful for your partnership in the future too.  



You can start your own fundraiser to get your friends involved!  It’s easy – you can bake, run, bike, swim, and do just about anything to raise money for the kids in India!

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