Here’s How We’re Different

We launched a program to provide Set Free children with age-appropriate vocational training that allows them to make at least ten times the salary of an average untouchable.  In 2013, we sent 80 graduates of this program into the workplace in India. Then they did something remarkable that we didn’t anticipate/expect.

They Gave Back

In just four years, we have graduated over 230 students who have given back more than $200,000 to help rescue and care for brothers and sisters. Giving Set Free children the opportunity to learn a trade not only advances their lives, but also enables us to save more and more children. Think about it like this:


The more we send out, the more self-sufficient we become.

If 230 graduates gave back $200,000 in four years, then just imagine how much 400 graduates will give back in three more years, or how much 1,000 graduates will give back in ten. Funding Trade Not Aid invests in children’s lives and allows us to save even more each year.  

Want to see it for yourself?

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