The Numbers Are in From The 2017 Gala!

It’s been one week since our 3rd Annual Keys to Freedom Gala and supporters are continuing to give after the stories they heard last week.

Based on the donations we have received along with the Gala pledges that have been committed for the next two years…

 …this year’s Gala brought in over $1,000,000


How incredible is that!?  Every cent of these donations will be going directly to India, where it will be used to meet the children’s greatest needs, which right now, is food.

If you haven’t had a chance to give through our Gala Campaign to help feed the children in India, just click HERE.

Now, take a minute to enjoy some images that Let People See and Bulletproof Photography captured at the Gala last week!


The 2017 Gala Program at one of over 650 table settings.


Pastor Praveen greets guests at the entrance to the Gala.


Guests mingle in front of statement wall piece.


The Main Ballroom at the TD Convention Center, set up for our 2017 Gala.


Pastor Praveen greets SFA Board chair, Henry Van Dyke, and wife Connie Van Dyke.


SFA President, David Moorhead, greets guests at their table.


The Skeleton Key displayed in our India Experience. “In 2016, Pastor Praveen led the rescue of over 6,400 children from slavery over a time-span of 3 weeks. God had moved the heart of a slave owner on his deathbed, to release the children to Praveen, but if anyone found out, he would be in great danger. Praveen’s team slept on the ground in forests and waited for the signal each night to pick up children from rock quarries. One evening, he was sleeping on the ground and felt this key under his back. Praveen received it as acknowledgement from God that he was anointed to unlock the shackles of these children.”


Guests read about how the children in India sleep at night.


Child’s pajamas displayed in our India Experience: “These pajamas were made by older Set Free girls as they learned to sew in the Trade Not Aid Program, and were worn by Set Free Children in India. The children share clothes and some sleep in pajamas, while others sleep in regular t-shirts and shorts. The Set Free Children once slept on dirt with no roof or walls to protect them, but now all 5,600+ children happily sleep on mats inside safe and clean homes. Like many others in India, the children prefer to sleep on the ground instead of beds.”


Cup and plate that the children in India eat and drink from displayed in our India Experience. “Set Free Children eat rice with curried vegetables. Most of these children have never had consistent meals, but in Set Free Alliance’s care, they soon learn that they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. The children eat with their hands instead of utensils, just like many others in Indian society. This plate and cup may look fancy, but is very inexpensive and is what the children eat and drink from each day. At the campus, the children eat on tables, however children in other Set Free homes sit cross-legged on the floor to eat.”


Child’s school notebook displayed in our India Experience. “In India, “untouchables,” are seen as unworthy of going to school, but The Set Free Children all receive a basic education. They learn how to read and write in their own language as well as English, and study all the same subjects as children in America. Children use notebooks like this one for homework and studies. On many of the pages, you will see English practice sentences that one child has copied down for homework. During classes, children use slate boards and chalk to practice arithmetic, spelling, and languages.”


Child’s school notebook displayed in our India Experience.


Pastor Praveen greets one of our youngest 2017 Gala guests.


Classroom recreation in our India Experience.


Lifesize cutout of a 3-year-old Set Free girl sharing her story in our India Experience. “My mom had be before she was married, so she didn’t want anyone to know about me. I lived with her friend for a while, but then Mom left me with Pastor Praveen. He’s really nice. Now I live at the campus and I’m in nursery school. I get to color and play with my friends. I’m learning my shapes and alphabet, and soon I’m going to know how to write my name all by myself. I want to be a police woman when I grow up.”


Drawings from children in India in our India Experience.


SFA Senior Director of Philanthropy, Dan O’Neal, greets guests as they walk through our India Experience.


Pedal sewing machine, sewing supplies, and hand-made dress displayed in our India Experience.


Sewing tools displayed in our India Experience.


Dresses made by vocationally trained, graduated Set Free girls displayed at our India Experience.


Hand-carved scaffolding joint displayed in our India Experience. “This wood piece is a hand-carved scaffolding joint used for construction projects in India. Indian scaffolds are made out of long, natural pieces of wood, all joined together by rope and joints like this. They look like a house of cards, but stay strong throughout their use. Some boys in our Trade Not Aid Program graduate to become carpenters, and rely on these wooden joints and scaffolds to complete the work on their projects.”


Guests walk through the India Experience.


New Set Free Alliance T-Shirt designs revealed at the Gala.


Jared Emerson kicks off the evening with an incredible performance painting. This piece was auctioned at the end of the evening for $12,000.


Jared invites Pastor Praveen to the stage to sign the painting with his handprint.


SFA Director of Donor Relations presents the 2017 SFA Ambassador in honor of Jim Frith.


Rob Dempsey of HIS Radio Emcees at the 2017 Gala.


Jeff Magg, of Consolidated Assurance, shares about Set Free Alliance’s 100% Model and how it is made possible through The Key Foundation.


Jim McMahan of Benchmark Mortgage speaks on the Trade Not Aid Program that is equipping rescued children with vocational trades.


Set Free Alliance Co-Founder, and Mission Pastor Emeritus at Brookwood Church, Fenton Moorhead announces that over 1,000 children are now living at the Set Free Campus.


David Moorhead and Pastor Praveen explain how the children are taught to pray.


David Moorhead leads the crowd in praying over Pastor Praveen.


Praveen thanks the guests for their prayer and giving.


Ryan Taylor sings “Every Captive Free” by Matt Gilman.

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