I was born in 2001. My father is a laborer, but spends most of his income on alcohol. He drinks all the time even though my mother begs him not to. He borrowed a lot of money and was supposed to pay it back each month, but he didn’t pay it like he was supposed to. The people who lent him the money added more interest because he didn’t pay them back in time. My brothers got so angry about my father’s actions that they left the house, stopped their education, and lived on their own in another town. One day, a mines agent came to our village to recruit workers for his mines. Father went to him and expressed his willingness to sell me. He took the money and told me to go with the mines agent.

When I refused to go, he ran into the house, brought the kerosene tin, and poured it all over his head. He threatened to light himself on fire if I did not go. Mother fainted because she was so overwhelmed, and I had no choice but to go. This agent took me to the mine and handed me over to work. They gave me one meal each day. My job was to crush stones into pieces and carry head loads from one place to another and load trucks whenever they were there. I slept on raw ground under trees and open sky. The whole area was a forest, so snakes and poisonous creepers moved around. I saw people die in the mine from snake bites. The men who worked at the mine would sexually abuse me and hurt me. When Praveen Sir came to the mine and heard my story, he told me that Jesus was there to save us all. He came back with staff and rescued me and brought me to Kakinada. Now I go to school, eat good food, live happily, and know Jesus.


I was born in 2005. My mom and dad used to work but when they suddenly got sick, my two sisters and I had to start working to take care of our family. We would earn $1 a day working in hotels from morning until night. Lots of the men who stayed at the hotel would get drunk and treat us very badly and we used to cry a lot. One day, Praveen Sir saw us working at the hotel and asked us to come along with him. Instead of cleaning vessels, he had us read books. He showed us love and got us to start a good education. My sisters and I told Praveen Sir about others girls and boys who were working in hotels and so he spoke to all of their parents and brought them to live with us.



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