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We are 50% of the way to our May Fundraising Goal


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Ripples in the Water

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Oct 1, 2016

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams Ever feel like you can’t make a difference? Here are some quotes from wells Set Free drilled in August of 2016, proving even the smallest gift of water can have a lasting impact.

Kpeh Kpeh Town

Make a Difference: Kpeh-Kpeh Town, Liberia

“My 9-year-old boy came home from school on a sunny Tuesday of November 4, 2014. He rushed at the well to get water to wash his uniform, not noticing that the water table had dropped and the rope on the drawing bucket had become short. As he tried bending over, his feet left the ground and fell head down into the well. I praise God we had a few bigger boys nearby who ran to the well by the noise of other and were able to help him out. So only God knows how happy I am for this work and hand pump well. Not only for this safe water but also the safety of our children.” -Mrs. Frazior

Gbarnga City

Make a Difference: Gbarnga City, Liberia

“Blessed are those who give so the community was able to receive six different churches. It seems that the community is united to try living by the word of God.”

Sierra Leone.JPG

Make a Difference: Mokaiba Community, Sierra Leone

The people of Mokaiba community make their living farming, woodcutting, and coal burning. The majority of these people do practice African traditions and have no time for God. Jesus has now given them hope. During the drilling process, the drilling team took the time to share the gospel as people came to see the work. Pastor Samuel Combay comes every Saturday for bible study and prayer meetings. He intends to starts a church here during the dry season.

India Blog

Make a Difference: SC Colony Vengayapalem, India

Venkateswarlu is a community member of SC Colony Vengayapalem. He is the breadwinner of the family. He works as a daily wage laborer in agriculture fields, and he cannot afford to miss even a single day of work. It is with his wages that the family gets food for the day. As the water available near the colony is not good for drinking, he used to walk down long distances to get water for drinking. This was also his daily routine that could not be missed. If he missed one day, family members would not have drinking water. Therefore, all these years he rarely earned his full daily wage.

Now, after a well was provided, he is a happy man. Residents of this community now are blessed with safe and clean drinking water. They are able to go to work on time and earn wages for the entire day. Their social and financial problems have now been eased.

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