Uncensored – It’s More Than A Rescue

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these he will do, because I am going to the Father.” – John 14:12

Doing God’s work here on Earth is a big choice.

It’s the choice to look at every decision, every challenge, and every task as an opportunity to glorify God. It’s the choice to invite The Holy Spirit to infiltrate every aspect of your life – from the routine, everyday decisions, all the way up to the pivotal, defining moments.

Our partner, Praveen makes that choice every day.  He sacrifices his safety, his sleep, and his resources to follow God’s calling on his life.  He waits for Holy Spirit to speak and guide him and goes into the darkest of places to bring children into the light.  He speaks life and truth from The Father into their lives and teaches them of their true identity. Because of his faithfulness to God, he has become a father to many.  

Can you imagine the kind of intimacy with God that would guide someone to rescue more than 15,000 children from slavery?  That’s 15,000 children whose lives are changed, who have been shown the love of Jesus, and all have the promise of life everlasting, thanks to the sacrifice of Praveen and the other pastors who rescue care for them.

With all of these incredible victories, it is easy to forget that they do not come without struggle, especially when we often highlight the after stories.  Praveen and the pastors who work with him are in constant danger every second of every day.

Over the past two years, more than 200 pastors connected to Praveen’s work were martyred because they were sharing the love of God.

Now that would terrify anyone.  To see your friends killed for the exact work that you’re doing and to know that you could be next would keep a lot of people from taking the risk… but not these pastors and not Praveen.  They know that their work is too important. Because if not them, who? If not now, when?

Praveen’s work is monitored strictly by the Indian government, and the threats on his life are real and ever-present. There are firm rules and regulations regarding the children in Praveen’s care  and he lives in fear of the government shutting down his work and endangering the lives of the children in his care.  Even in the light of all of this persecution, God’s favor is upon Praveen and his ministry.  In 2016, they received the top charity ranking in their state, which is a huge accomplishment. 

Still, Praveen bears the responsibility of caring for 6,500 children scattered across multiple states in India.

Just imagine the logistics when the states speak different languages and dialects, have different customs, use very limited infrastructures, and have corrupt officials looking for bribes.

It’s not easy, it’s not simple, and how it’s done has always been decided by Praveen. 

From day one, Praveen has been the guiding force of what we do. As an organization, we firmly trust in Praveen’s understanding of his own culture and what he hears from God to guide important decisions.  These decisions include things like, where the children should live, if it’s safe to move forward with a rescue, when where and how the children should be educated, and the hardest one of all…

is it wise to rescue more children when the funding is low to care for our current 6,500?

 Praveen prayed about the decision, and he continues to do so.  And ultimately it came down to what Praveen heard.  


Not stop, not quit, not leave… just pause.

“Care for the children now.  Love me more. I will provide, and I will tell you when to move forward.”

That’s a hard message to receive, isn’t it?  It’s hard to know that there are 18 Million people in slavery in India alone.

It’s hard to pause. It’s hard to trust.

But it’s also hard to know that the children you’ve been entrusted with are hungry, and it would be hard to do what we do or rescue any more kids if Praveen ended up in jail.  It breaks Praveen’s heart to say no to a rescue, but the decisions have to be made, and they have always been made by him

Here’s where we are:

We trust in God’s faithfulness.

We trust in God’s incredible love for his children.

We know that what we are doing is a process – sometimes an agonizingly long process.

See, we’re not just taking children out of slavery and saying, “Go be free!  Live your life!” We’re taking them out. We’re clothing them. We’re feeding them.  We want to empower every child through education. We want to graduate them out into the society that they will one day change for the better.  

We’re working to change the culture of India and end slavery for good.  And sadly that’s not an overnight mission.

It involves changing systems and structures like the caste system have existed for thousands of years

It involves the lives of real people – of real children.  

So for now, we are working to care for the children in our care as best as we can, because it’s not just about the rescue.  It’s about the life after.

Want to help us feed, educate, counsel, and graduate these kids?  



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