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100% of public donations funds the rescue of
enslaved children in India

We rely on private donors, foundations, and sponsors to take care of all of our operational expenses from salaries and travel to office rent and fundraising events. These donors are incredibly dedicated to our organization. Their investment propels our long-term mission, and our ability to continue sending 100% of all public donations to India.


Our 100% model is quite ambitious. To maintain our goals for this model, we put together a community of visionary business people and philanthropists who are dedicated to funding our operational budget each year.

The Key Foundation is a membership program comprised of donors who give to our operating costs regularly. Their support makes everything we do possible. Without these generous donor’s we would not be able to continue increasing our impact with our 100% model and rescue children from slavery in India.

Current Key Foundation Members


Fenton Moorhead Evangelistic Association

Simpsonville, SC

Fenton Moorhead Evangelistic Association, Simpsonville, SC

(Anonymous) Foundation

Sugar Land, TX

(Anonymous) Foundation, Sugar Land, TX


Consolidated Assurance

Greer, SC

Consolidated Assurance, Greer, SC

The Haro Group

Greenville, SC

The Haro Group, Greenville, SC

Insure Pointe of TX

Houston, TX

Insure Pointe of TX, Houston, TX

Lingo Films

Greenville, SC

Lingo Films, Greenville, SC

River Pointe Church

Richmond, TX

River Pointe Church, Richmond, TX


Greenville, SC

SalesManna, Greenville, SC

Sandy Bowers Design

Simpsonville, SC

Sandy Bowers Design, Simpsonville, SC

Skyline Post

Greenville, SC

Skyline Post, Greenville, SC


Bert Elliot

Flower Mound, TX

Bert Elliot, Flower Mound, TX

Matt & Kimber Burgess

Alpharetta, GA

Matt & Kimber Burgess, Alpharetta, GA

Jim & Terri Frith

Missouri City, TX

Jim & Terri Frith, Missouri City, TX

Jeff & Sarah Magg

Greenville, SC

Jeff & Sarah Magg, Greenville, SC

Jim McMahan

Dallas, TX

Jim McMahan, Dallas, TX

David & Marcy Moorhead

Simpsonville, SC

David & Marcy Moorhead, Simpsonville, SC

Dan O’Neal

Spartanburg, SC

Dan O’Neal, Spartanburg, SC

Lloyd “Buzz” Owen

Houston, TX

Lloyd “Buzz” Owen, Houston, TX

Abe & Theresa Varughese

Greenville, SC

Abe & Theresa Varughese, Greenville, SC