Why doesn’t the Indian government stop slavery if it is illegal?

While slavery is technically illegal in India, the country lives by an ancient tradition called the caste system. This four-level ranking includes the priests, warriors/landowners, merchants/artists, and farmers, with untouchables living outside of the system. The caste system breeds the mistreatment of untouchables and perpetuates the slavery crisis in India.

What does “untouchable” mean?

An untouchable falls in a class so low that it technically lies outside of the caste system. Untouchables are deemed unworthy of an education, kindness, and basic human rights. They usually make up to $1 a day and are preyed upon by people who see their lives as of equal value with farm animals.

How can one person help?

One person can make a world of difference in the lives of rescued children. By giving, you can help free enslaved children, reunite them with their families, care for the children who have nowhere to go, and provide them with education. If you don’t have the ability to give, you can spread the word about the child slavery crisis in India and raise support by starting a fundraising campaign. Just click here to get started!

Do parents sell their children into slavery?

Not always. While some parents do sell their children into slavery, other children are kidnapped, taken from their families because of unpaid debts, or put into slavery for other reasons that are not the family’s choice.

How is the child sponsorship program different than others?

When you sponsor the children, e send 100% of your monthly support to care for ALL Set Free children.  As a result, there’s no overhead to facilitate a correspondence program, so instead, we match you with a child to pray for.  You’ll also receive an email each month with a story and picture of a different child whose life you have helped change.

Do you take short term mission trips to India?

If you feel passionately about helping SFA take short term missions trip teams to India, let us know at!

How does someone become a slave?

Many different circumstances cause people to become slaves, but the root cause is simply low social standing. Some children end up in slavery because their parents sold them, but many are kidnapped or taken as well.

What keeps a slave from just leaving?

Children who are enslaved in India have seen what would happen to them if they attempt escape.  They’ve witnessed their friends and family being beaten and killed when they are caught, so just leaving is not an option.  

Are Christians in danger in India?

Being a Christian in India is incredibly dangerous.  Less than 3% of India’s population is Christian and there are multiple radical groups in India who have declared that they will bring that to 0% by 2020. This means that they target pastors and take whatever measures are necessary to end their ministry.