Did You Eat Today?

It all seems like a dream.  

I’m not a slave anymore. I’m not going to be beaten and raped again. I’m not a piece of property. I’m not going to starve.  

I am free.

Today I’m living in a clean one-room church with a bunch of other kids just like me. I have a place to sleep and a mat to lie on. I used to sleep outside on whatever flat rocks I could find. I was always afraid of being bitten by snakes, or taken by one of the workers, but now I sleep under a roof, and I know that I am safe. There’s even a door with a lock on it.

I never thought I could deserve this.  

No one hurts me here. My caregivers are so nice to me, and they always make sure that I have what I need. They never ask me for anything in return. When they told me that I could dream and have a future ahead of me, I had to ask them what they meant. No one had ever spoken that way to me before.

I’m learning that I am smart.

I never thought I was good enough to read or write, but my teachers tell me that I’m a quick learner, and that makes me want to try harder. They’ve been teaching me that there is only one God, and He’s the one who rescued me out of the rock quarry. I feel like I always have a question for my teachers about Him. I just want to know Him more.

I used to feel worthless all the time, like I would never amount to anything, but God saw me where I was. He used people all over the world to rescue me and show me my worth.

I used to be told I was nothing. Now I know that I can change the world.


These are the real thoughts of the Set Free Children.

When we look at where they are and what they have it doesn’t seem like much, but to them, it’s a dream come true. Because of a recent influx of rescued children, we haven’t been able to consistently feed them their usual two meals a day.   That may be more than the kids would ever hope for, but it’s still not okay with us.

We are living in joyful expectation of seeing God miraculously provide more for these children, and we think that you may be a big part of that. We have so much, and we still take so many things for granted, but these children are overjoyed by a roof, a door, and whatever food they receive.

Let’s start rejoicing in the blessings poured upon us, and begin to pour them out on others.

Let’s work to recognize the “extras” in life that we don’t need, but that we get to enjoy. Let’s start thinking about going without, or going above and beyond, so that we can help people who are in need. The same people who are overtaken by joy when they learn they will get to sleep inside a house, learn to hold a pencil, sleep on a mat, learn simple math, or eat just one meal a day.

We ate today.  We were full today.  But there are children who weren’t.

What is something that you could go without so that you can give? How can you help give the Set Free Children rice?

Is it your daily coffee habit?

Is it your sweet tooth?

Is it your weekly meal out?

There’s something different for each of us, but we all have something that we can live without for a little while so that the Set Free Children can eat twice a day, every day.

What will it be for you?

Click here to help feed the children


2 Corinthians 9:8-11

God is able to make every blessing of yours overflow for you, so that in every situation you will always have all you need for any good work. As it is written, “He scatters everywhere and gives to the poor; his righteousness lasts forever.”  Now he who supplies seed to the farmer and bread to eat will also supply you with seed and multiply it and enlarge the harvest that results from your righteousness. In every way you will grow richer and become even more generous, and this will cause others to give thanks to God.

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