A Bigger Goal Than Clean Water – Reaching an Entire District in India

Since its foundation, Set Free has been about more than just clean water. Yes, it’s a critical part of our mission. Yes, it’s a giant humanitarian need we seek to meet. But Set Free has always been about more. We’re about showing the people we serve how much God loves them. We’re about supporting the local economy through indigenous partnerships. And we’re about building lasting relationships through church planting and Christian discipleship.

We seek to live into these goals one district at a time. Since October of 2017, Set Free has been working to saturate the Prakasam district of India with clean water as a part of our strategic plan. Some amazing things have happened in the five months since. Here are the highlights:

Accelerated Timeline

We thought we set a big goal to reach all of Prakasam with clean water and the love of Jesus. But as usual, God showed up and is showing off a bit. Since October, Set Free has drilled 106 wells in Prakasam. Because of your generosity, this is above and beyond the amount we budgeted. But that’s not all – God has also moved among other water organizations and even the Indian government to bring clean water to Prakasam. Praveen and his network of pastors are busy sharing the Gospel and planting churches in those villages as well. What we thought would take us three years may be done in a matter of months. That’s right. If everything stays on track, by the fall of 2018 all of Prakasam will have clean water and continue to be discipled with ongoing church-planting initiatives.

Children Freed from Slavery

As we started, our goal in Prakasam got bigger than just clean water. We couldn’t tell an entire district of God’s deep love for them and leave their children in slavery. So, in following God’s commandment to love the least of these – 3912 kids have been freed from slavery in Prakasam in the first 3 months of 2018 alone. Even more incredible, 1121 of these children have been successfully reunited with their families!

Adding Medical Clinics

Finally, when we announced our district-by-district approach we also announced our village sponsorship program. We wanted to more intentionally support our pastor partners’ evangelism efforts, and the village sponsorship program allows us to do this. After conversations with our Indian partners about what would be most beneficial, we have decided to start offering a limited number of monthly medical clinics. The village sponsorship funds will cover the costs of Indian doctors, nurses, and medical supplies to meet the needs of a village.

Why medical clinics? Giving clean water meets the needs of the entire village, but women and children are the most impacted. Because they were the ones tasks with the job of water collection, they tend to be the most grateful for the water wells and the most responsive when the messages from the Gospel are shared. Men, on the other hand, are the ones more likely to be suffering from medical issues. Diabetes and complications from alcohol use are widespread in India. Meeting these needs allows the pastors to effectively reach them with the love of Christ as well.

Get Involved

We’re excited about all the God is doing through Set Free’s ministry in Prakasam. But none of this would be possible without you. Without your support. Make your donation to keep the water flowing in Prakasam today.


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