We are 10% of the way to our 2023 Christmas Fundraising Goal


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We are 10% of the way to our 2023 Christmas Fundraising Goal


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2020 Vision and Beyond

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Jan 31, 2020

Looking Forward

We have big plans for 2020 – plans that are made possible through God and with your support.

2019 was a big and decisive year for us – Set Free Alliance and Water of Life strategically merged into what is now Set Free, where we continue to do the Lord’s work through ministering to those in need across the world. Whether we are offering clean water through our well programs, helping to rescue children from slavery, providing much-needed medical clinics, or planting churches in the communities we serve, we are continually encouraged by your kind, gracious partnership and anchored by our steadfast belief in a world where all are set free in the name of Christ.

Life is cyclical. We see this in how the Lord renews us through our commitment to Him and breathes new life into us. Our ministry is cyclical as well. Many of the children rescued in India return to minister to other children, and at least half of those rescued are reunited with their families. The ignition of this life-giving circle leaves us thankful the Lord has placed us in the countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and India.

It’s in this spirit of God and our relentless pursuit of changing the world through our four pillars of service that we move into 2020 and beyond with fervor. For us to grow and continue reaching others with the Gospel, we need you more than ever this year. Let’s Ignite the Cycle in 2020, together, in a world in which he called us.

Here’s a breakdown of our strategically set goals:

West Africa

100% of Liberians will have clean water in 2020

Does this mean our ministry in Liberia is finished? Hardly. The wells need routine maintenance, and the churches we planted need leadership. Additionally, as village populations grow, new wells will also be needed.

10 wells will be drilled every month in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, we partnered with Burlington Graphics to fund our work and Pastor Alphonso Barry with Africa for Jesus for evangelism. Since our partnership, Pastor Barry’s ministry has grown from six churches to over 60!


Rescued, Reunited, and Remaining Children

We have headed the call to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation,” (Mark 6:15) and we’ve chosen to do that through our various ministries. We are pleased to announce that we’ve continuously reached children in India every year since we first began our work there. But we’re not through. We keep a close eye on our three R’s: Rescued, Reunited, and Remaining children.

We are actively caring for about 9,000 children in India – giving them food, shelter, clothing, and education. With our current support, we provide one to two meals per day to these children, but we want to give them three.

While our goal is to rescue more children, we know not all will be reunited with their families. Meaning, by 2025 we’ll be caring for approximately 15,000 children. We can do a lot with a little – think five loaves and two fish! For roughly the price of a grande cup of coffee per day ($58 a month), we can adequately meet their physical needs and teach them their true identities as beloved children of God.

Take a look at where God has led us as of January 2020:

  • A total of 30,000 children have been rescued.
  • 50% of those children have been reunited with their families.
  • 18,000 children still remain in 169 active mines in our current District in India (*name withheld for safety purposes).
  • 18.4 Million are still enslaved in India.

Where we are right now is the groundwork that will lead us to where we are going. But we can’t do it without you. Here are our long term goals:

Strive to 2025 Goals:

To reach these goals, we’ve set financial benchmarks to reach over the next five years.

  • 2021 – $5.2M
  • 2022 – $6.8M
  • 2023 – $7.7M
  • 2024 – $12.6M
  • 2025 – $16.3M

Reaching these financial goals will allow us to these things by 2025:

  • Rescue 48,000 more children
  • Drill 1,470 wells
  • Plant 1,071 churches
  • Complete 612 medical clinics

We are so hopeful for what the Lord is going to do through Set Free this year and over the next five. Will you join us in changing the world?

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