Set Free Christmas for MB - optimized

Giving a gift in honor of a friend, family member, or co-worker this Christmas? You’ll receive Christmas cards to let them know the hope that was shared in India in their honor, and a generous donor will match your gift!

With the support of people like you, we’ve rescued over 11,000 children so far. Here’s what makes us different.


It’s an Investment, Not a Donation

We’ve vocationally trained and launched over 100 graduates into the workplace and they’ve given  back over $100,000. The more we launch, the more self-sufficient we become. Learn more about our Trade Not Aid Program.


100% goes to India

When you donate, every cent supports the rescued children. Our private donors cover operational costs so that 100% of your gift helps to transform lives. Learn more about our 100% Model.

Freedom Changes Absolutely Everything


When children are rescued from slavery, it completely changes their lives. India still has more child slaves than any other country and we are on a mission to rescue them all.

SFA Girls
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