2016 was an incredible year. We supported the rescue of over 6,500 children from slavery, graduated 25 girls from our trade not aid program, saw the India campus reach near completion, and we have one thing to say about it all – THANK YOU.

With the help of people like you, we’ve supported the rescue of over 11,000 children so far. Here’s what makes us different.


It’s an Investment, Not a Donation

We’ve vocationally trained and launched over 120 graduates into the workplace and they’ve given  back more than $100,000. The more we launch, the more self-sufficient we become.

Learn more about our Trade Not Aid Program.


100% goes to India

When you give, every cent supports the rescued children. Our private donors cover operational costs so that 100% of your gift helps to transform lives.

Learn more about our 100% Model.

Freedom Changes Absolutely Everything


When children are rescued from slavery, it completely changes their lives. India still has more child slaves than any other country and we are on a mission to free them all.